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Written by on Wednesday, February 20, 2013


YouTube’s new channel layout called One Channel will be available as an opt-in feature very soon. One Channel is a content-driven approach to site design and communicates YouTube’s dedication to improving usability and creating a more TV-like experience. According to British creative agency Klick Digital, One Channel will become the default layout for all YouTube channels by the end of June.

Although the new layout provides less customization options for brands, the YouTube experience will become more consistent across devices. One fourth of all YouTube users watch videos on mobile devices, while another fourth use a large screen. This means that half of the visits are coming from devices different from the usual 16″ laptop.  The new channel top banner will be more responsive to this reality than the old background image, as it looks the same regardless of whether it is viewed on an tablet, smart phone or laptop.

What will change:

  • Less channel types. There used to be different types of channels for users, creators and brands. Now all YouTube channels, except paid gadget channels, will have similar features.
  • Gadget channels. Brand channels will now be known as gadget channels. There will only be two premium types available: advanced custom gadget and premium custom gadget for livestreaming and competitions. These are similar for content creators and brands. YouTube will also be moving away from flash to HTML5 when it comes to custom tabs.
  • Channel branding. Background images will no longer exist. Instead, all channels will have a top banner with a bigger avatar and the option to link to social media presences. The channel banner will be the same regardless of the user’s device. Channel owners are also recommended to produce introduction trailers as the headline video to encourage visitors to subscribe to the channel. Custom thumbnails are now available for all monetized channels in good standing.
  • Content presentation. Last fall, we got one new option for feature page layout: overview. Now it is the concept for the entire channel page. The idea is that you are now able to organize your content in a more flexible way. You can show your playlists, most recent uploads, most liked videos, or videos that have a particular tag.
  • Integrated user experience. The new channels will be integrated with the YouTube interface. They will no longer have separate pages, but instead, they will be surrounded by the guide, a digital ‘remote control’, on the left, which has – according to YouTube – doubled the number of subscriptions.
  • Details. Descriptions and links located under the current channel description will be moved to a separate tab. More text will be shown with the videos on the front page of the channel. On the right, there will be channels promoted by both YouTube and the creator of the channel.


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