Vimeo Awards, How I Love Thee

Written by on Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Vimeo Awards Festival 2012 is almost here. The annual video gala showcases the best online videos from last year in several categories, compiled into a nice, simple-to-browse site. This year the nominees in every single category are spectacularly good, and well worth the watch, for all and every one of us.

The Vimeo Awards inspires. It proves that the video has long since ceased to be the private property of the large movie companies. What people do with video resonates within us, with our drive for excellence, bedazzling us with new ways to create quality content. We here at KLOK sincerely hope that what these videos have to offer will inspire you as well.

After the splendor of such stunning quality, the great promise of online videos may appear as a daunting challenge, something that is easy to grasp but extremely hard to master. When you aim high, this may be true. However, don’t let the size of those dreams paralyze you. The video is a party where everyone is invited to, and it’s about letting go and having fun while daring to dream big.

The path to stars starts from small stuff, from the details of a single idea, and the need to put it to form.

Experiment, experience, and most of all, enjoy.

The Ghosts is a perfect example of the quality of Vimeo Awards nominees. It’s a rough and tough love letter to teenage rebellion of yonder days, bristling with attitude and charisma. You need passion as well as love to do something like this, and the movie’s unpolished feel simply underlines its raw power. I tip my hat to you, Eddie O’Keefe, for capturing the spirit of rock & roll rebellion.