Remember to ping your video

Written by on Friday, October 26, 2012

You have filmed, edited and uploaded your video. Finally done, right? Wrong. Don’t forget to ping it! How you spread your video after you have uploaded it can tenfold the lifetime views of the video. By submitting your video to a ping service, you notify web servers that you have new content ready.

I use Pingler to ping videos from The Kick Network because it has a helpful Chrome plug-in. To start using it, visit and download the plug-in. Register a free account and you will get the necessary API access to use the plugin. Then you simply click the pingler button each time you have uploaded a new video to have it submitted to a large number of web servers.

I started using Pingler after Alexander Debelov, co-founder of Virool, recommended the service on Quora.

In my previous post I explained how to measure number of minutes watched on your YouTube channel.

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