RAY Slot Spots (Aina Kannattaa Kokeilla)

Written by on Monday, January 26, 2015

RAY approached KLOK as they were looking to test something that they hadn’t done before. They wanted a video series which would be easy to watch and would encourage sharing. They also wanted to produce something that wasn’t just about any single product of theirs.


KLOK created a campaign-like production with a series of videos following one central character. As RAY’s slogan is ”Aina kannattaa kokeilla” which translates to “It’s always worth a try” we developed a concept about seeing opportunities and taking chances. Life’s full of possibilities and with RAY we demonstrated this with our character (you might see this guy sitting around our office if you drop by) slinging coins into different holes and slots that he stumbles across in his daily life. Make sure to watch the videos to see what we’re talking about as we know how it might sound…

The campaign ran for three and a half weeks during February and March 2014, and received over 100 thousand views. The videos were also connected to a competition, where users could tag their posts on Instagram and Twitter with the best one winning a GoPro camera. The series earnt over 100 000 views on Youtube in one month.

RAY kamppis

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