On the Runway with Finnair

Written by on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We worked with SEK on a film production to capture the look and feel of the Finnair brand. Finnair were looking to communicate their brand essence through images of their products and services, so they commissioned a two part production in both film and still images. SEK (Finnair’s lead advertising agency) were in charge of the Finnair brand image, while Nina Merikallio and her team took the photographs, and KLOK handled the film production.

It was an interesting and exciting shoot with some unusual locations and a fast paced schedule as we only had 48 hours to get it all on camera with high quality. We shot half of the material while inside a Finnair A330-300 in a hangar at Helsinki Airport and the rest was shot in the Airport terminal. We had with a great time working with Finnair, SEK, and Nina Merikallio & her crew, on this amazing production. Living in a Finnair airplane for a couple of days with a full film and photography crew was a lot of fun!

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We work with Finnair on a daily basis and no matter how big or small a production is, every single frame has to look like and feel like Finnair, and communicate their brand essence. As Finnair’s video agency we can focus on the continuity throughout all of their productions and make sure the brand message is seamlessly communicated in every video. Shots from this production were used in over 10 productions over the last year for a number of uses – this made it very easy to maintain continuity throughout.

“The production went very smoothly and the quality exceeded our expectations”

– Finnair


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