Offering added value after viewing

Written by on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to give people valuable information after they have watched your content? The Thrash Lab series “Empty America” has hit the globe successfully by showing American cities in a way that no one has seen them before: empty.

The videos thus far have featured San Francisco, Seattle and New York and they all keep the viewers glued to the screen. Regarding any (amazing) video on the web, viewers often ask themselves: “How was this made?”. The guys at Thrash Lab recognized this especially with the Empty America series and have used YouTube annotations to give the viewers a clear path to enlightening. Here’s where the annotation leads you after watching the episode:

How to engage your audience in this context and to deepen the experience?

1. Create good content & Share it
2. Get the viewers to your channel or to view the video embedded somewhere
3. After viewing, offer added value and encourage to subscribe
4. Repeat