Meaningful customer service on video with S-Pankki – Elämän Saumakohtia

Written by on Monday, May 2, 2016

Getting married and having a baby are pivotal things in many people’s lives – on a darker note, so are losing your job or spouse. These major life events many of us deal with at one point in our life are tricky, not only in essence, but also when it comes to financial issues.

Finnish bank S-Pankki wanted to offer their clients support in these life defining moments by creating a video series with KLOK and ad-agency D11 called Elämän Saumakohtia (“Crossroads of Life”). The series consists of 6 episodes and tackles the most common life-defining moments from a financial perspective. Banks are usually squeamish when it comes to talking about unnerving subjects such as death, divorce or losing credit rating. S-Pankki addressed these subjects head-on and offered concrete advice how to handle these situations.

Customer service is always at its best, when it truly answers to the everyday problems normal people struggle with. With Elämän Saumakohtia -series S-Pankki showed that they are there for their clients – for better or worse.

About the author

Ilona is a producer at KLOK.