KLOK Insider: Why good manners matter

Written by on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Klok insider

KLOK Insider is a blog series where people behind KLOK talk about what inspires them. To kick it off, we asked our producer Tiina Leinonen what she finds stylish in the field of moving images.

What I find stylish

Tiina Leinonen , KLOK

For me style is first and foremost and matter of manners. Being stylish is more than meets the eye – it’s a way of being in relation to others.

How the hell is this relevant in video making you might ask?

Well, here’s how:

A video made with style doesn’t mock or ridicule others (like a person with style doesn’t)

A video made with style doesn’t brag or shout out it´s own greatness (like a person with style doesn’t)

A video made with style doesn’t pretend to be anything it is not (like a person with style doesn’t)

On the other hand:

A video made with style can be witty and laugh at itself (like a person with style can)

A video made with style can be bold and original (like a person with style can)

A video made with style can be complex, but never cumbersome (like a person with style can)

Here´s a few examples:

CBC, Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood – This Is That

They make artisanal firewood – yes, you read right. The video has a subtle sense of humour, it has taken into consideration every little detail and it manages to portray a totally bizarre idea in a funny yet believable way that leaves the viewer with a question – are they being serious or not?


Samsung – The way you are

A simple idea stretched to perfection. A nice visual, simple & stylish setting that gives room for the actual story. For some reason it made me emotional even tough the story is not sad or upsetting in any way – but it is easy to relate to and you are somehow with the people who are on the video. A relationship is built with the viewers and the performers – that makes this video stylish in my eyes.


VOGUE – 73 Questions with…

73 Questions series includes videos that are genuine and well-thought, without being too written or acted. It shows the megastars and their personality with a fresh and easily relatable way. Got to love!


To conclude, what I like and find stylish in videos is often the same attributes that I find stylish in people – Witty, genuine and well mannered with originality to keep things interesting!


About the author

Tiina works as a producer in video agency KLOK and believes that good manners are a winner in real life and online.