KLOK 2012 – something new for you

Written by on Friday, March 9, 2012

We’ve been cooking something for a while now. And it’s out! This is the brand new look of KLOK. I’m happy to give a quick outlook of the recently born child.

The main thing is that we’ve drifted a little bit away from the creative agency idea. It’s not that we wouldn’t still be creative. You really don’t need to emphasize that and be the master of the obvious. Being creative still is a big part of our DNA.

The key finding here is that our skills are needed more than ever in the new media landscape. Along with brands, advertisers and corporations we are serving more and more ad agencies as well as digital and media agencies. Hence we are reborn with more crystalized message.

Our job has always been, and we’ll continue on that path for years to come, in making and delivering the most relevant original video content online. We are an online video agency. And we continue discovering these new frontiers every day.

Here is the new KLOK look.

This new look was a co-production with KLOK and Teemu Lehto (www.teemulehto.com). Team: Art Direction Teemu Lehto, Web development Satu Suomi, Creative Direction Pauli Kopu.

About the author

Pauli is the founder and CEO of KLOK. He's a developer of strategy, style and expression of film as well as online video content.