Inside the Game with Rovio | KLOK Case Study

Written by on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

‘Mobile first’ is an essential thought in creating content nowadays. This approach truly became real as KLOK teamed up with Rovio to create multiple content concepts for their puzzle /physics game Bad Piggies. The aim was to engage the young mobile gaming enthusiasts around the world. That’s why Ruffle was created.

Ruffle 2

The concepts included a broad variety around top game plays, pick of the weeks, game reviews, behind the scenes stories and glimpses into working with voice actors, coders and animators in gaming. Of course the focus was also on user generated content, which was curated into different series by the team. As the plans went into production and were finalized, the episodes of different series were published inside the actual game – in mobile, where the audience already spends their time fooling around with the green piggies.

The gaming community is a passion driven community. The more authentic and reactive one can be, the better the results are in an ongoing process of producing and publishing content on a platform, which is the natural habitat of a gamer in this case.

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