How Emerging Video Platforms Are Changing Content Creation for Brands

Written by on Monday, August 12, 2013

Nike Running on Instagram

For the past few years, marketers have been talking about how content needs to be distributed across multiple channels for maximum exposure. A video is posted on YouTube, and then shared in social media – on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

However, with newer video platforms like Instagram, Vine and MixBit, the logic is changing. Formats on those platforms are so unique that videos created for one platform look out of place on others. Instagram videos utilize filters, while Vine videos are 6-second stop motion loops. MixBit encourages its users to edit up to 16-second clips to form longer videos with a maximum of 256 individual clips. YouTube, on the other hand, has more long-form content.

It can be dangerous for brands to think that repurposing an old 15-second TV ad – on let’ say Instagram – will fly, even when it’s technically possible. The real question is: are you creating value for the community? Does the audience find your content interesting or entertaining?

On YouTube, the NBA does a great job talking to basketball fans. On Instagram, Nike Running is actively sharing short-form videos with running enthusiasts. And that’s another important point: not everything needs to be viral in the mainstream. It’s enough if content speaks to the intended target audience, in their language.

About the author

Vilja Sormunen looks after publishing and distribution at online video agency KLOK. She has previously worked in social marketing at Nokia as the global YouTube channel lead, online marketing at e-commerce company Spreadshirt and public relations at TBWA/Helsinki. Vilja studied international business at the Helsinki School of Economics and wrote her Master's thesis on viral marketing.