How effective are Finland’s 10 largest companies on YouTube?

Written by on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How effective are Finland’s 10 largest companies on YouTube?

Social media went mainstream last year among Finnish companies, but are they making the most of the potential in online video? I took a look at the YouTube channels of Finland’s 10 largest companies.

YouTube views of Finland's top 10 companies

The majority of the channels pop up as the first search result on YouTube. Only Kesko does a poorer job, with a Kesko video showing up only on the sixth place. Consumer companies have on average gotten 271 views per video, while non-consumer companies have gotten 493 views per video. Nokia plays in a different league with a whopping 93 million views (Apple for instance has only 73 million views).

Stora Enso comes in second place in views per video. A large part of that is from their rebranding videos that have been embedded on the Economist. Excluding those views the average number of views shrink to 334 videos. That shows the importance of getting your videos featured on popular sites.

Kesko has the biggest video portfolio on YouTube. They have uploaded an average of 115 videos per month since their account was registered in July 2011. Despite the amount of content Kesko has, they have only received 11,5 views per video. That is likely because they have not tagged or written a description for most of their videos, making them hard to find.

A surprise here is that Neste Oil does not seem to have a YouTube presence at all. Why Finland’s second largest company isn’t on YouTube (or Facebook) is a bit of a mystery.

Total YouTube Views of Stora Enso, UPM-Kymmene, Kesko and SOK

With an average of 382 views per video, excluding Nokia, Finland’s top 10 still have some way to go before they have mastered YouTube. UPM and Stora Enso, not SOK and Kesko, does the best job in video marketing. Why is the heavy industry and not the consumer companies taking the lead?