Hidden gems in YouTube analytics show what drives traffic

Written by on Friday, August 24, 2012

There are two features in YouTube analytics tool that are a great resource, but are a bit tricky to find. They are called “Embedded player on other websites” and “Traffic sources from external websites”. To find them, you first need to select a specific video. They show you what sites have embedded or linked to the selected video. It is a great way to find out what blogs and websites drive traffic to your channel.

As the editor of the Kick Network I need to keep a close eye on YouTube analytics to understand what is driving traffic. I have used our interview with Jolla’s CEO Jussi Hurmola as an example here. To access the data, first select the video you want to investigate.

Embedded player on other websites

To find out what web sites have embedded your video, go to “Traffic sources” and then to “Embedded player on other websites”. You will get a graph and a list of web sites like the example below. This shows you what sites have the biggest impact on views, and what web sites it might be a good idea to share future videos with on the same topic.

In this example you can see that mynokiablog.com is responsible for 18% of total views. Next time we make a video about Jolla, we will make sure to let them know. If you create content geared towards a niche audience, make sure to let bloggers and news sites on the same topic know what you have. If the content is relevant for their audiences, they are often happy to use your videos on their sites as well.

You can access the data for web sites linking to your video in a similar way. Go to “Traffic sources” and click on “External web sites” to get a list of web sites that have linked to your video. From the menu “Traffic sources” you can also get data on relevant search terms on both Google and YouTube.

Use this information to create a better publishing strategy. Take the data YouTube analytics gives you on playback location to create press releases targeted at those who are most interested in your video. If you find a particularly big traffic driver, it might be a good idea to contact the journalist or blogger to hear what else they might be interested in. Also look at the search terms that drive traffic and see if that information can give you guidance on what to focus on in the tags and description.

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Erik Johansson is KLOK's in-house analyst and statistician. He writes about online analytics and shares insights from the video site The Kick Network. He is also the editor and project manager of Kick, a video blog about startups and technology.