Hero, Hub, Hygiene — Re-think your video content strategy

Written by on Friday, October 24, 2014


There is a problem with valuing viral videos over everything else. They are excellent way to get your video, channel and brand noticed. To get impressions. A quick fix. But relying only on them is not a sustainable strategy. For brands, it takes money and time to produce and distribute viral videos. Also luck plays a major role. Moreover, the viewers and subscribers you get from these videos have expectations that you can’t fulfill on a regular basis. They expect to get content of same caliber. For this reason a more holistic approach is required.

Hero, Hub, Hygiene is the YouTube content strategy for brands. The emphasis is put onto growing your subscriber base, your community, and turning your viewers into fans. According to YouTube, subscribers watch twice as much content as non-subscribers and drive 20 times the engagement over Facebook likes. So, instead of putting all the money into major spot-like videos the emphasis is put onto consistent and proactive content creation, and community management.

So what are Hero, Hub and Hygiene?

Hero content is intended for the broadest audience possible. Hero content is usually published right before major tent-pole happenings such as product launches, conferences, holidays and events. In a way, Heroes are the in-throwers of your YouTube channel: they get people to visit your channel but to get them stay and become regulars you need to entertain them on a regular basis. This is where Hub content comes into play.

Hub is regularly scheduled content to give “a fresh perspective of things that interests your audience” according to Brendan Gahan’s Infographic. Videos are longer and more episodic in nature. With Hub content you are able to dig deeper into your brand. They are the soul of your channel that will maintain your audience and reward them for subscribing. Both Hero and Hub content is something you actively push to your audience.

Hygiene (sometimes referred to as Sanity)
Hygiene content is usually short, always-on ‘pull’ content which your customers search information about. The focus is usually in educating your customers about your products and emphasis is in the informational rather than productional value. This content doesn’t need to be produced by the brand, it can be curated by or done in collaboration with your target audience. How to -videos and tutorials are Hygiene content.

Your channel is the hub.

To summarize, your channel is the hub itself. Your audience expects to get hub content from you regularly. Your channel lives from it. To keep your channel and the community formed around it clean and healthy you need Hygiene. This content lets you interact with your viewers, answer to their questions and service them. Hero content is what you do once or twice a year. Something that breaks the monotone of the regular schedule.

Hero/hub/hygiene video strategy isn’t only to maintain your channel but to grow your audience and to form a community. Make fans out of your subscribers.



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