Hairdressing tips and tricks with Herbina – KLOK Case Study

Written by on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Herbina 1

Tutorials are a great way to engage with an audience online, and Herbina, known for its cosmetic and beauty products, wanted to start giving tips and tricks on hairdressing. However, there are thousands of videos in different languages and styles related to this topic already. To stand out and stay respective to the brand, background research based on YouTube data had to be done.

KLOK investigated and analyzed data like watch time, audience retention and keywords to get better insight to the beauty category audience and their wishes. For example, some older videos indicated that viewers drop off very early. Together we decided, that Herbina shows the end result of a hairdo first to give the viewer an idea of where the tutorial leads to and not waste her/his time watching something not suitable.

The Hiusstudio (Hair Studio) videos have been watched over 50 000 times on Herbina’s YouTube channel. As a tip: start analyzing all accessible data and start testing and improving!

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