Four interesting video startups at Slush 2014

Written by on Friday, November 28, 2014


And you thought this year’s Slush was old news. For those not in the known, Slush is a two-day startup/tech conference organized by a non-profit community in Finland. The event has grown bigger in a record breaking speed in the past few years. This year the smaller startups were accompanied by the bigger players such as Alibaba Group and Rakuten. Around 14 000 guests attended the event and the total turnover of all the registered startups was 1,2 Billion dollars.

So, why should you care about any of this? Video isn’t just growing content wise but also the amount of startups born out of it keeps getting bigger. I counted around thirty video startups among those registered at Slush and out of that pool we picked four B2B startups to interview. We wanted to show you what’s brewing in the world of video startups.

We talked to founders from 4 separate startups who all do different things. Introducing Videoly,, Smartzer and


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