Fazer & Finnair: Magic in the Air

Written by on Monday, October 20, 2014

Two iconic Finnish brands, Fazer and Finnair, approached us with a task including some palpable magic: Fazer’s Magic Cube luxury pralines were about to be launched and together with Finnair they wanted to offer an extra surprise.

As Finnair’s video agency we utilized our competence and experience in filming in the sky. We let the passengers experience something that would spark their imagination and surprise them during the long flight from Beijing to Helsinki.

The Magic Flight

The in-flight entertainment screens got turned into functional surfaces, where the passengers were given the chance to follow a magical journey through an animated landscape designed together with the talented Sami Saramäki of Agent Pekka. After all, everyone got a taste of the new premium chocolate.

The outcome was a documented piece from the flight and the actual magic telescope animation, which was first presented to the passengers exclusively. Both videos were cross-promoted on Fazer’s and Finnair’s YouTube channels.


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