Experiencing Asia with Finnair

Written by on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

As the video agency for Finnair we went to a multi-week shooting trip to Asia, where we explored the most inspiring aspects of the Finnair destinations. As each destination definitely offers a unique experience for a traveler, a crucial part of the assignment was to find out and capture the authenticity of each of them.

Finnair Asia Destinations

We wanted to offer a smart and effective way for the execution instead of making it too complicated. We made the production as agile as possible, which gave our crew the possibility for quick maneuvers in a tight schedule and changing conditions. The pre-production included detailed travel plans, tons of background material and research on each destination – all fitted into preliminary scripts matching the client’s desire for stunning visual stories.

All destination videos have been published on Finnair’s YouTube channel where they provide a state of the art, yet a timeless visual experience of Asia’s booming cities and their cultural uniqueness.

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