Estimated Minutes Watched on YouTube

Written by on Friday, October 12, 2012

YouTube now shows number of minutes watched on your channel per country

YouTube rolled out a new feature today that will change how we measure a video’s impact. If you go to the analytics page on YouTube you will see that a new box has been added to the overview tab; estimated minutes watched.

Number of minutes watched is an excellent measure for advertisers as it shows how much time a viewer has spent with a brand, as opposed how many has started playing a video. Comparing number of views to number of minutes watched allows us to distinguish between the quality of the headline and tags, and content quality.

Below you see a comparison between number of views, and minutes watched. As you can see that there is a high correlation between total views, and total minutes watched. If there is a big difference between these, you are likely having a problem with your distribution or with the content’s quality.

Views compared to estimated minutes watched

But that’s not all that YouTube has changed. The audience retention tab now also tells you the average audience retention over time. If you click on the map tab, you can even see how much time viewers in different countries spend with your content. Data for estimated minutes watched is available from the end of September.

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