Cooking battles with Lidl – KLOK Case Study

Written by on Monday, August 24, 2015

Lidl 1

If you have a cooking show, there’d better be some serious cooking involved! Lidl approached KLOK to produce an original series of cooking battles between two celebrity chefs. Since the show is created for the web, traditional TV show lengths and programming habits could be put aside and the focus is solely on the battle and the never-ending list of delicious dishes.

Tent-pole programming, which is an important thing for online video creators, has had a big role in the content of the series. The episodes are formed around seasonal cooking, ingredients and events. To be authentic, it has been important not to over-emphasize product labels used in the show. The ingredients themselves are the most important thing and we believe that the viewers are clever enough to see the connection to the client. This is a very bold move from Lidl and it shows that they want to create a deeper connection to their audience.

The show’s episodes are published on Lidl’s YouTube channel and on their Facebook page, and different competitions with special prizes have been connected to it. On Facebook, the series has had over 1,5 million views this far and there’s more to come!

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