Case study: Nokia World 2011

Written by on Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let’s move a little bit backwards to last autumn. At the late 2011 one of the biggest cases for us was the Nokia Research Center lounge at Nokia World.

Case: Bring the concept of the lounge, “digital butterfly”, to life at the venue and online with video footage.

What we did was a lot of stuff with videos. One part of the whole thing was animations to visualize the butterfly and give the digital
appeal for the whole concept. Another part was to produce product videos that were shot in Helsinki, Tampere, Istanbul and finally one
in London.

The key to animations was to attract people into the pavilion which was the centerpiece of the Future lounge.

Using the areal video screens around the whole venue and animating the flying butterfly we were able to catch people’s attention and to
communicate the light and modern feeling of the lounge. Video screens inside the cocoon were used to reflect the butterfly theme and give the digital look for the whole area.

Demo videos that were produced in advance were shown around the lounge showcasing the different aspects of new technologies. Finally one key element was to push the whole story of the Future Lounge to online audiences –  so the final touch was to make a news video, a wrap up of the whole thing. Within 24 hours from script to release this production was a very different process than anything else. Still we had to manage and maintain the look & feel of the whole concept.

3 key elements made the Future lounge move and go online:

  1. Animations to visualize the concept and catch the attention
  2. Product demos to materialize the future
  3. A news story to make all of this public

Results? Our clients have said:

Just awesome. More than i’ve expected. The visualizations looks great.

The ideas from you and the whole production process was top notch and the quality of the work is better than I imagined.

We’ve received a huge amount of positive feedback. People have been so excited. One part of it is thanks to you guys.

The wrap-up news story about the Future lounge:

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