Brands Tell Your Story, People Will Listen!

Written by on Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Worn Wear, A recent youtube documentary presented by Patagonia about the stories told by our clothes is a great example of how engaging a brand’s message can be.


Could you ever imagine watching a 27 minute advertisement and being glad you did at the end of it? Probably not, but if you’re part of Patagonia’s target market (hiker, climber, camper, surfer, skier, or outdoorsman of any kind) I’m sure you’ll be happy you watched this one.

Worn Wear is clearly a promotional effort by Patagonia to explore all of their key brand messages; the durability of their clothes, their support and love of the environment and the sports/activities which can be had in them (surfing, cycling, hiking, climbing, skiing etc etc), yet it feels honest, entertaining and without ulterior intentions. The film tells a number of interesting stories about people’s lives, their connection to the environment, the activities they enjoy, their beliefs, and of course focuses on a certain piece of Patagonia clothing (now that’s a new level of product placement!) which holds the story together.

Everything in this film is out there in the open from the brand, yet it doesn’t feel at all like an ad. This shows brands that if their video content is going to be viewed by an audience that’s interested in what they have to say it’s okay to tell their story and even promote their products right out in the open – albeit if they do it in the right way. Branded entertainment like this tells a story, engages audiences, and says much more to them about who you are as a brand than any 30 second TVC ever could.

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