What Successful Creator Channels Have in Common

Written by on Friday, October 18, 2013


Back in March, I had a conversation with someone who had plans of getting rich with YouTube. He wanted to start a channel and have at least 100.000 subscribers by December. “We could be making serious money in ads”.  It sounded like a wild dream, considering that he would be working from his home and he had practically zero experience in marketing or web development.

There are people who do pay their rent and daily expenses with the money they make out of content creation. It’s possible that in the future, some people may even go through university with the money they made with a random funny childhood incident. Maybe their parents managed to press the rec-button at the right moment.  It would definitely be much easier to walk around with a camera phone in hand than start a university fund.

But if making money out of video channels was so easy, there would be thousands of young video millionaires. Over 100 hours of video is downloaded on YouTube every minute. Very few of the videos actually succeed. So what’s the formula for successful channels? In my mind, it boils down to the following things:

– Clear theme – if you have a comedy channel, comedy is what your subscibers expect to see
– Creators know their subject well – for video bloggers like Finnish Soikku, that may even be themselves
– Creators are passionate about their subject – money isn’t their primary motivation and their excitement shines through
– Content is published regularly – the audience gets a constant reminder of the channel’s existence
– Creators interact with fellow YouTubers building connections – networking and collaborating can be a great way of reaching new audiences

So, if you are thinking about setting up a channel, plan carefully. What is your motive?  How well do you know your subject? Do you have something to say? Do you get a kick out of making videos? If all of these elements are there, then you are probably on the right path.

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Emmi Kivinen works with scriptwriting, journalism and post production at online video agency Klok. She has writing experience in TV and film. Emmi has a degree in Film Art and wrote her Bachelor's thesis on youth films. Currently she is also working with a feature film script and several short film projects.