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Written by on Thursday, June 18, 2015

In his presentation at Dx3 Canada, YouTube’s Dave Coleman, talked about their Hero, Hub, Hygiene content strategy. He used Volvo Trucks as the prime example of the content strategy executed perfectly. They cater content not only for their customers but for anyone interested in trucks. Their hero content’s goal is to make their videos known for a larger audience while the hub content tries to reach the trucker community at large, and their hygiene content is there to serve their actual customer base.


HERO: Live test series


Volvo created a series of Hero content which has so far driven over 100M views to their channel. Most prolific episode of the series is the The Epic Split with over 75M views.

But before Epic Split hit the jackpot Volvo had carefully crafted a series of videos which paved the way for the big bang. Year earlier in 2012 they premiered their Live Test series with a video of ballerina slacklining across two speeding trucks (10.3M views). In the autumn of 2013 they continued with the Hamster Stunt (6.67M), The Chase (2.4M), The Hook (3.2M) and The Technician (1.1M) before publishing The Epic Split.

All together their Live Test series including the behind the scene videos have generated over 110M views, 25K new subscribers and at least 1200 years of watch-time (watch-time is an approximate due to the watch-page statistics not showing the metric for the older videos).


HUB: Welcome to my Cab


Volvo has multiple series of Hub content: “Welcome to my Cab”, “Brian’s Truck Report” and “Driver’s World”. These series have netted them about 100K-700K views per video so far from their core audience, truckers. These series tell a story from the Volvo truckers’ point of view and the brand itself has taken a back-seat.

In the series “Welcome to my Cab” truckers around the world give the audience a tour around their truck and invite them to take a look inside the cabin.

Brian’s Truck Report’ series is Volvo’s own motoring show where renowned truck journalist Brian Weatherley guides the audience in the world of Volvo Trucks.

In “Driver’s World” audience gets to experience the challenging work environments truckers face all over the world everyday.

So far, the hub content has generated about 10M views, around 500 years worth of watch-time and 5K new subscribers.


HYGIENE: What’s your story?


Volvo’s hygiene content includes the “What’s your story?” series that lets the truckers share their safety and productivity tips. The series is directly targeted to truckers who face these troubles everyday. Their other Hygiene includes “Trucks’ Anatomy” series takes the viewer behind the scenes and explains how Volvo trucks are made and test the latest technology.

Hygiene content has generated roughly 1M views.


All in all, Volvo Trucks keep producing quality content to their core audience: truckers and truck enthusiasts alike.

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