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Written by on Monday, February 9, 2015

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925 Design is here to redesign working life. They help companies improve their competitiveness, productivity, and success by focusing on effective ways of working, brave thinking and active self management. KLOK created and produced the entire 925TV Youtube channel and all of its content. So far the channel’s videos have seen over 200 thousand views and the subscription rate improves after each new video we publish.

There are 5 different series featured on the channel; 925 ABC (animated tips and tricks for employees), 925 Näin Teen Töitä (How I Work – an interview based series with interesting guests talking about their work habits, attitudes, and their ideas about the future of work), 925 Festival (Festival keynotes, interviews, wrap-ups), 925 DATA uses statistics about work – and its turned into simple and snackable infographic videos, 925 LIIKE is a series, which focuses on movement and staying healthy. The host shows different exercises, that anyone can do at work in order to stay in better condition.

925 NTT

For the 925 ABC series KLOK worked with the exceptional artist, Mari Huhtanen. We filmed as she drew sketches to literally illustrate some tips and tricks for employees to improve their working life.

Ilmarinen ( is the official partner of the 925TV channel. They fit well with the 925TV channel as their name connected to an important and relevant topic. They have also shared and used the content also on their own platforms as well.


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