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Written by on Monday, June 16, 2014

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When it comes to connecting and engaging with customers, YouTube is one of the most relevant platforms. Instead of having to try and explain how your service works, you can just show it.

Online videos are quickly taking foothold from traditional mediums like TV and the big appeal is the easiness of consuming videos. They offer entertainment and knowledge exactly at the time when the consumer is looking for it, and demand nearly nothing. When brands are available to their customers in a platform so reachable as YouTube, it´s a win-win for both: Customers won’t have to go out of their way to get answers to their questions and brands can save a lot of money by giving out all the information available to the customers instead of having to explain the same thing over and over again in customer service lines. Also B-to-B sector can make use of the online videos by giving the next best thing after face-to-face communications.

Here’s few examples on how companies can improve their customer service with the help of online videos.

Videos on Frequently Asked Questions

Half of the customers using social media are seeking an actual response from the companies’ they’re in business with. That is 50%! Usually these questions are not easy to answer, but require technical or otherwise professional knowledge. These answers are nearly impossible to stuff under 140 characters in twitter or makes a Facebook post so long that nobody want’s to read it. So video is the perfect medium for answering these kinds of questions.

Some brands are already using YouTube and online videos for giving their customer detailed information and an easy channel to ask their questions. Finnish Airline Company Finnair, for example, has FAQ- videos where their staff answers the most asked questions in a detailed way. In order to make these videos as engaging as possible, the customers could ask questions beforehand in Finnair’s Facebook page. This was an awesome way to have a dialogue with the customers and create customer loyalty.

How- to and tuition –videos

A great way to use online videos to support customer service is different types of how to –videos that can be used in a variety of different contexts. Beauty and hair-product companies can show customer how to use their products to get the desired look and retailers can teach their customers to wash an item in a certain way. For example, Nordic-based financial service group Nordea has made how to -videos about their Internet banking services, how some features can be deployed and used.

Tuition videos on the other hand, are made to cover an entire concept, from top to beginning and teaching the customer about the most important aspects. They work as an introduction for example to certain business field, it’s context and ways of work. Usually the big topics are divided into smaller themes so that they´re easy to comprehend. Many customers prefer to watch a video instead of reading a long whitepaper about the subject.

Product Demonstration -videos

YouTube is also an outstanding platform for instructing step-by-step processes. Setting up a new gadget and making it work the first time can be daunting to anyone of us. With an easy to follow, demonstrative videos that take new customers through the entire setup and learning process, brands can really help make the whole customer experience more pleasant. It also saves time and money for both the brands and the customers by preventing, for example, incorrect installations when it comes to electronics.

Inspiration videos

Inspiration videos are one step ahead of the traditional customer service. They’re made so that the customers can get new ideas and inspiration to do something that ultimately benefits the brand. For a company that sells DYI- equipment’s can make a video on home-décor and give the customers the needed push to want to try and experiment with the new ideas.  In a way they serve with ideas and woo the potential customers by giving them something to get excited about.

For example Lowe’s YouTube Channel has a playlist about creative decorations solutions. This is an innovative way to boost your sales among those customers, that are keen on trying something new, but don´t have an idea on what that could be and how it could be done.

In the end:

Finally it’s important to remember that the best results are gained when these types of customer service videos are used together. So go ahead and mix and match your customer service videos and give your customers the added value they deserve! Successful content marketing, and video content in particular, finds consumers where they already are. Keep in mind 90 percent of web traffic expected to be video by 2014, now is the time to start preparing your YouTube customer service strategy to leverage that massive potential audience.

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