KLOK is a specialised creative agency focusing on film and video. Our job is to make modern moving images for audiences on every platform.

We create results for our clients by telling stories their customers want to see. The use of moving images in everyday life, and business, is growing fast. One day, everything will move. This is a massive opportunity to differentiate a brand, and talk to audiences - broad, narrow and niche. We are here to serve international and domestic business and work hand-in-hand with other agencies on making the most of developments in technology and content.

As a specialised creative agency we offer strategic, creative, production and analysis services for film and video.


Our goal is to create results and impact through the creative use of the moving image.

Today brands and media companies are finding their customers hungry for quality, original video content - on various platforms - and we provide services, from strategic work to creative and production, to reach them.

We serve the most active and engaging consumer brands, business-to-business companies, other agencies and their clients, as well as media networks globally.

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KLOK Helsinki

Bulevardi 21 B door, 7th floor
00180 Helsinki

Key contacts

Pauli Kopu

Tuomas Jäälinoja
Director of Strategy

+358 40 846 8592
Antti Piha
Director of Sales & Accounts

+358 50 511 2819
Pekka Ala-Seppälä
Director of Production

+358 40 057 3362
Sanna Vuori
Senior Producer

+358 50 330 1515
Sissi Leppänen
Production Manager

+358 41 536 5582
Kiira Tiainen
Production Manager

+358 44 305 0695


We want to build the best studio and creative team to produce the best work for our clients, and collaborate to build the future.

KLOK was founded by pioneers who shared a bold vision of the new world of film and video content. Screens will be everywhere, all content will be in motion and video is a huge opportunity. New platforms and ways to use moving images will require new artistic talents. The result will be a continuous conversation between audiences and brands with video content as the connector.

We are an unique and experienced team combining a deep understanding of the new world of video, new social platforms and distribution techniques with long know-how in advertising.

Are you interested in working on the frontier and to create new?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with job, freelance or internship enquiries. Let us know what you’ve been up to, where you’d like to be in the future: Contact us