YouTube face-off: Stora Enso vs. SCA

Last week we looked at how well Finland’s largest companies are doing on YouTube. Today I take a closer look at one the top performer, Stora Enso, and compare it to the best YouTube user in the paper industry, SCA.

The graph below includes Stora Enso, UPM, SCA, Avery Dennison, Bernis Company and Domtar. The biggest paper producers in the world, International Paper and Smurfit Kappa Group, don’t have YouTube channels.

Channel views

What is SCA doing different from Stora Enso to attract viewers? SCA is using YouTube as a marketing platform while Stora Enso sees it as a corporate communications tool.

SCA’s most watched video is a humorous commercials with their character Juan Sheet. The video is a part of their €3,7m TV campaign and it has attracted 108000 views. Almost all of the views are coming from searches or referral sites which means that people have found their videos funny enough to search for and share them.

Stora Enso have employed a different content strategy to be seen. Their most popular video has 14700 views and is about their corporate rebranding. It has gotten half of the views from ads linking to the video, and half from a combination of YouTube searches and external sites that have embedded the video.

As for the technical stuff, Stora Enso seems to have forgotten to optimize their videos for YouTube. SCA has included the appropriate tags and descriptions in all of their videos, increasing their view count. None of the companies are however making use of calls to action.

SCA shows that combining TV ads with online content can be a very powerful marketing tool.

The paper industry’s top hits

2 Responses to “YouTube face-off: Stora Enso vs. SCA”

  1. petter says:

    One major difference is that SCA to a large part is a B2C company with all their hygiene products. The paper industry is very slowly understanding that they all have consumer customers. Stora Enso claims that they are beginning to understand this, but this has not yet shown in their activities.

  2. Erik says:

    That’s true. It is only natural that B2C companies have more marketing. What I find interesting in Finland is that Stora Enso is actually doing quite a good job in their online video marketing compared to companies of similar size, also when compared to consumer companies.

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