The New Era of Television

Written by on Friday, November 2, 2012

Evolution is inevitable. Internet TV is replacing television, digital is replacing film, reality TV is replacing reality.  We have made huge technological advances through the years but the way we think of storytelling a television series has essentially remained the same since the birth of TV. So what about the evolution of storytelling?

Recently The Kick Network released a video with Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings talking about the new era of television. Linear TV has dominated the industry and how we think of storytelling in the world of motion picture. But it is restricted by time and ad breaks, interrupting the natural rythm of a story. Hastings talks about Netflix revolutionising the way stories are told by providing storytellers with new platforms. Imagine a television show where every episode is of a different length, like chapters in a book, with no ad breaks and only one click away, accesible anywhere in the world.

On February 1st 2013 Netflix will release it’s first original series House of Cards directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey. All episodes will be released the same time for every Netflix user in the world. How the creators of the show will utilize this new platform remains to be seen but they now have a tool where they are free to create something new and interesting that can completely change the game.

What is clear is that the way we will be able to tell stories online is changing and we are being provided with new and exciting tools where the only real restriction is our creativity. Our challenge now is to question the old ways of storytelling and come up with new and fresh ideas for these new platforms.


About the author

Matias is a videographer at KLOK. He’s a filmmaker by heart and spends as much time behind the camera as possible. He studied film directing and screenwriting at Arcada – University of Applied Sciences. Creating compelling videos and perfecting the art of online video storytelling are some of his main goals at KLOK.