More than just bread and butter with Fazer

Written by on Friday, March 6, 2015

KLOK created an online video series to inspire people to be more creative with bread. Fazer were looking to make the sandwiches more interesting, so we teamed up with Joonas Hämäläinen (in case you didn’t already know – he won Finland’s first MasterChef) to create the series “Näe leipä uusin silmin” and demonstrate a few ways to bring something new to this tried and true daily task.


The series explores a different scenario (breakfast, lunch, cocktail party etc) in each episode to showcase how Fazer’s range of breads can be used in a variety of new and imaginative ways. We developed and produced 9 episodes, each with it’s own unique recipe, helped Fazer publish and promote the series on Youtube, and localised a number of the episodes for Russian audiences.

masterchef leipakoulu

We developed 9 videos for the series and the “Savusiika-kantarellileipä syksyiselle retkelle” video received over 1000 likes on Facebook being one of the best posts of the year.



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