Marketers Vacation, Consumer Still Want to See Good Content

Written by on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beyonce HM

It seems like many marketers relax in the summer and by mid-June, they’re mentally, if not physically, in the South of France, sipping champagne on yacht. It’s likely many consumers are more offline in the summer, but those hooked on their smartphones, they’re never really offline. The sunny season can be a great time for lighthearted themes, entertainment and music, not to mention that it’s a picturesque time to shoot videos. And when there’s less competition, there’s more opportunity.

The good news is, if you have money left in the treasure chest, there’s still time to make something great. Turn your summer around and produce videos around topics consumers love at this time of the year. H&M plays it safe with Beyoncé, the beach and big budgets. But there are options. According to Google Trends, topics that consistently trend in the summer, year after year:

  • Festivals
  • Travel
  • Swimming
  • Vacation
  • Ice cream
  • Biking
  • Beach
  • Boats
  • BBQ
  • Friendship


About the author

Vilja Sormunen looks after publishing and distribution at online video agency KLOK. She has previously worked in social marketing at Nokia as the global YouTube channel lead, online marketing at e-commerce company Spreadshirt and public relations at TBWA/Helsinki. Vilja studied international business at the Helsinki School of Economics and wrote her Master's thesis on viral marketing.