Going Sideways with Heikki Sorsa and EpicTV

Written by on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

There are hundreds of untold stories behind athletes. To start telling those stories, KLOK’s Pauli Kopu, Pulp’s Marko Martikainen and manager Ilmo Niittymäki joined forces to create Sideways: an original series focusing on extreme sport athletes.

Sideways 1

The first one to tell his story is Finnish snowboard professional Heikki Sorsa. The pilot episode of the series consists of three parts, where Heikki and fellow snowboarders and friends shed light on Heikki’s person and career events until this day. The media partner for Sideways is Epic.tv, which focuses on extreme sports and has a global followership. The episode is produced and directed by Malcolm Stewart.

As snowboarding can be understood as a niche, authenticity is everything. The entire concept begun with understanding the audience’s needs and interests first instead of just a brand’s desire to talk about itself. This approach definitely paid off since the first epidsode has been shared thousands of times all over the world and has been picked up by some of the biggest players like Transworld and Red Bull.

Sideways: Heikki Sorsa, Part 1:

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