Finnair’s HR Lets Employees Shine

Written by on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It’s not a secret, that a company’s strengths are connected to the people who work there. It is a sign of trust and respect, when a company lets its employees do the talking instead of using generic recruitment videos and tacky banners, which not necessarily create a trustworthy and authentic image.

Finnair HR 1

Finnair’s human resources department wanted to tackle this by telling the stories of a broad selection of people in different parts of the organization. Together with the client we wanted to underline the ‘Finnair spirit’ and the versatile working environment where people are able to build internationally meaningful careers among other top professionals.

LinkedIn was the platform where the content primarily was shared to attract new talent and tell about Finnair in an original way. Whenever new positions are open, it’s a valuable asset to pair the job offer with a suitable film. People trust other people and the videos help to tell their stories worldwide.

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