Connecting creators and S-Pankki for authenticity – KLOK Case Study

Written by on Monday, August 24, 2015

S-Pankki Mariieveronica

Banking and finances have traditionally been a bit off the minds of the younger people. Also the pieces of content on the web not very often speak a language that the young can relate to. Together with Finnish bank S-Pankki and D11 we created a set of different videos using for example YouTube and Instagram talents to give the messages a positive vibe. S-Pankki wanted to show, that they talk the same language with their target group.

As part of the digital strategy, existing audiences were a natural choice to talk to. So, we partnered for example with vlogger Mariieveronica (over 100K YouTube subscribers) and nature photographer Konsta Punkka (over 360K followers on Instagram), whose fan bases include possible future customers for S-Pankki. Besides the talent based content, we also produced a bunch of infographic and how-to videos to open up important topics.

Be sure to subscribe and follow those talents as they truly are cool people.

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