Case study: Game Changers (Web series)

Written by on Monday, September 12, 2011

There have been a lot of great examples and success stories in the area of online series. But there are bad and even terrible cases out there as well. The online series, web series, internet tv-shows, what ever you might want to call it, is becoming a more and more interesting topic as people spend more time on the web, seek more content to engage with and surf with multiple platforms. And not only for great stories and storytellers this is a sweet spot as an advertising solution and should be noticed.

However, there has hardly been any action in Finland at all, so we went and tested one idea – a series about the Game Changers in Finland. (…And wait for it, there is a video at the end of this story as well!)

Firstly: We had an idea to create a series about the people who drive the change and build innovation. It doesn’t sound very fascinating at the first place, but we were sure it’s a serious thing with lots of sweat, tears, hard work and emotion; people who take risks and fail until they succeed. We knew there is a target group for a story like this and that it could be very passionate about the topic. We wanted to try out how to tell this story to these people.

Secondly: We met with Aalto Entrepreneurship Society which main task is to promote startup culture and entrepreneurship as well as drive innovation in Finland and around Baltics. There are hundreds of active people who drive the change and are dedicated to achieve their goal of changing the game around startup culture in the Nordic countries. So their every day life is pretty much about the topic we were interested in. AaltoES was in need of more attention to their mission to challenge the status quo, so we teamed up with them and created a web series about their summer program to improve the awareness of their work.

Win-win challenge: Enhance the visibility of AaltoES in Finland and inspire & engage the target group by using internet. Improve the image of startups. Make a proof of concept – a working pilot of an online series.

We built up a partnership with Microsoft to publish the episodes through portal to gain traffic and attention in the target group in finnish. The Game Changers got daily coverage in the frontpage of and the series’ website,, was created within the MSN portal containing every piece of information gathered together. Daily webisodes, tweets, facebook updates, news and blogposts were accessible through the website and made the show easy to follow.

Along with, a major Finnish business magazine followed and reported about the series during the summer. The webisodes were embedded on their site as well in order to reach more business decision makers who are frequent visitors in the website.

The most relevant social networks were also included, and daily topics were tweeted and posted on Facebook. This opened up more ways for audiences to catch up and interact with the content.

The 5 main channels to deliver the content:
– frontpage:
– Game Changers website:
– Talouselämä magazine’s website:
– Twitter: @muutoksentekija
– Facebook:

These were updated on every weekday and the audience could follow the journey almost in real time. With this solution we were able to make the pilot cost-effectively and without spending any money in media coverage. Every contact was earned with just the price of good planning and production costs, so it’s safe to say that this pilot paid out well.

The results of this campaign?

To get the long story short – and effective – here are all the stats in a nutshell for you in a video! If you are interested in this case, willing to learn more, try something similar out or just got inspired, please don’t hesitate to contact us or pass this story forward! We’d sure like to see more good online series in the future, what about you?