Aurinkomatkat: Video Teams

Written by on Friday, March 20, 2015

Aurinkomatkat, Finland’s biggest full service travel agency, arranges holidays in over a hundred destinations around the world, and wanted to develop engaging videos for each destination efficiently. In order to create the large number of videos needed to cover Aurinkomatkat many destinations KLOK developed a user generated video production, whereby actual travelers would receive a free holiday in return for making a few videos from the destinations they visited.

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We set out to make a series of travel and locational activity videos to increase the time people spend on Aurinkomatkat website while they are in the inspirational stage of exploring or planning a possible holiday.

We took the role of producing all of the travelers’ videos. We chose the travelers which would form our video teams, briefed them on what to shoot and the story to tell for each destination, organised all of the logistics, provided them with tips, guidance, and video equipment, and our in house post production team polished the videos to each one the look and feel the client was looking for.

The fact that the videos are not professional adds a special authenticity and it differentiates Aurinkomatkat destination videos from that of their competitors. Beautiful shots by people documenting their own holidays. The videos just feel real.

In total the video teams spent over 60 days travelling and our post production team spent 40 days of editing and we produced 40 videos for this Aurinkomatkat series.


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