YouTube One Channel Coming Soon

Written by on Wednesday, February 20, 2013


YouTube’s new channel layout called One Channel will be available as an opt-in feature very soon. One Channel is a content-driven approach to site design and communicates YouTube’s dedication to improving usability and creating a more TV-like experience. According to British creative agency Klick Digital, One Channel will become the default layout for all YouTube channels by the end of June.

Although the new layout provides less customization options for brands, the YouTube experience will become more consistent across devices. One fourth of all YouTube users watch videos on mobile devices, while another fourth use a large screen. This means that half of the visits are coming from devices different from the usual 16″ laptop.  The new channel top banner will be more responsive to this reality than the old background image, as it looks the same regardless of whether it is viewed on an tablet, smart phone or laptop.

What will change:

  • Less channel types. There used to be different types of channels for users, creators and brands. Now all YouTube channels, except paid gadget channels, will have similar features.
  • Gadget channels. Brand channels will now be known as gadget channels. There will only be two premium types available: advanced custom gadget and premium custom gadget for livestreaming and competitions. These are similar for content creators and brands. YouTube will also be moving away from flash to HTML5 when it comes to custom tabs.
  • Channel branding. Background images will no longer exist. Instead, all channels will have a top banner with a bigger avatar and the option to link to social media presences. The channel banner will be the same regardless of the user’s device. Channel owners are also recommended to produce introduction trailers as the headline video to encourage visitors to subscribe to the channel. Custom thumbnails are now available for all monetized channels in good standing.
  • Content presentation. Last fall, we got one new option for feature page layout: overview. Now it is the concept for the entire channel page. The idea is that you are now able to organize your content in a more flexible way. You can show your playlists, most recent uploads, most liked videos, or videos that have a particular tag.
  • Integrated user experience. The new channels will be integrated with the YouTube interface. They will no longer have separate pages, but instead, they will be surrounded by the guide, a digital ‘remote control’, on the left, which has – according to YouTube – doubled the number of subscriptions.
  • Details. Descriptions and links located under the current channel description will be moved to a separate tab. More text will be shown with the videos on the front page of the channel. On the right, there will be channels promoted by both YouTube and the creator of the channel.


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Satu is a YouTube certified Producer who besides producing videos looks after publishing and distribution at online video agency KLOK. She has a web development background, which has given her an edge at research and development. She excels at creative problem solving and figuring out solutions where there seems to be none. She works at developing audiences, acquiring media, researching different services and platforms as well as data analysis. She spends way too much time on YouTube.

Finland’s Biggest Companies on YouTube: Present But Largely Inactive

Written by on Thursday, February 7, 2013
Image credit: Nokia YouTube

Image credit: Nokia YouTube

We looked at the YouTube presences of Finland’s 50 biggest companies to understand the current online video landscape among local advertisers. Our main findings were that majority of the companies are present on YouTube, however, nearly two thirds of the channels observed were relatively inactive.

Nokia leads the pack with an established presence. The Nokia channel was founded in 2005 and today there are over 700 videos, with new ones added nearly each week. What is also interesting is that Social Bakers actually ranks Finnish Rovio with 980 million views as the most popular non-entertainment brand channel in the world. For comparison, Nokia is in 15th place on the chart with 140 million views.

Fazer and Finnair’s YouTube success shows that there are large Finnish companies beyond Nokia that produce a fair amount of video content, pay attention to online distribution and essentially, use video fluently as a communication tool. It is likely competition for the top spots will get tougher with the recent arrival of YouTube in Finland.

Although there are no record labels among the 50 biggest companies in Finland, their YouTube channels are doing extremely well too. Warner Music Finland and Universal Music Finland both have around 50 million views each, while Rähinä Records is playing catch up with a respectable 36 million views.

Research Overview


  • 84% of the companies observed have at least one YouTube channel
  • Innovators (10%) started their channels between 2005 and 2006. Out of this group, Finnair and Nokia have managed to use the early start to their advantage
  • Early adopters (15%) got on YouTube between 2008 and 2009
  • Majority of big companies (62%) joined between 2010 and 2012
  • Laggards (16%) still do not have channels


  • Activity level was determined based on the most recent video upload
  • Active participants (43%), the most active group, had posted at least one new video in the previous two weeks
  • Occasional uploaders (31%) had uploaded a video in the last six weeks
  • Passive followers (26%) had uploaded at least one video in the last 12 months, but none in the past six weeks

Content volume

  • Many channels do not have much content: 43% of channels have less than 25 videos
  • Only 10% of channels have over 300 videos
  • The average channel has about 109 videos
  • Out of the companies with the most videos, Kesko (1354) has almost double the videos of Nokia (744), however Nokia has over hundred times more views (138 718 670 versus Kesko’s 113 727)


  • There are only four channels with over a million video views and more than 1 000 subscribers: Nokia, Fazer, Finnair and ABB. 
  • Majority of the channels (71%) have fewer than 100 subscribers
  • 31% of channels have less than 10 000 video views

Channel data were collected January 17-18, 2013. The 50 biggest companies were selected based on Talouselämä 500 ranking. In the absence of a company channel, a brand-specific channel was used for the comparison.

Watch our Creative Director Pauli Kopu comment on the YouTube Nordic launch and this study below.

About the author

Vilja Sormunen looks after publishing and distribution at online video agency KLOK. She has previously worked in social marketing at Nokia as the global YouTube channel lead, online marketing at e-commerce company Spreadshirt and public relations at TBWA/Helsinki. Vilja studied international business at the Helsinki School of Economics and wrote her Master's thesis on viral marketing.

YouTube Launches in the Nordics

Written by on Wednesday, February 6, 2013

YouTube arrives in Finland! Launch partee night.

Finnish marketers gathered in Helsinki’s Cable Factory last night to celebrate the arrival of YouTube in the Nordics: Finland, Norway and Denmark. The launch festivities will continue throughout the week with events in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

For marketers and content creators, the expansion brings YouTube advertising, channel monetization and country specific channel data. There are now two ad types available in Finland: YouTube home page masthead costing 11,000 euros, or 13,500 euros if the ad expands, and pre-rolls, which are video ads that play before the viewer’s intended video. Brand channel media spend requirements have not been made public.

YouTube was launched in Sweden five years ago but the expansion to the rest of the Nordic countries took longer than expected. This was supposedly due to a conflict between local laws that make platform owners liable for content shared by users, and YouTube’s terms of service that exempt Google from liability.

YouTube also announced Finnish content partnerships with MTV3, SM-liiga, Solar Films and The Dudesons. It appears they are going after established content creators to bring in high quality videos with existing audiences. Clearly the hope is that down the road, there will be more locally relevant content coming from brands and amateur video enthusiasts as well.

Lucas Watson, YouTube’s Vice President of Global Video Sales was one of the speakers at the event. Watson highlighted YouTube’s key benefits as a platform for content creators: free global distribution, creative freedom and the ability to earn money from your videos. He also pointed out that unlike TV, YouTube provides solid performance metrics and real time audience feedback – tools that allow creators to learn from their videos and develop even better ones in the future.