Bigger Than Ever – Idealist & KLOK Join Forces

Written by on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It has been growing for years now. With amazing speed. Currently it is the fastest growing media in the world – already more than a few years in a row. We’ve been following and observing the growth closely and have been able to learn a lot. Testing and pioneering with great partners. Delivering results. But we are far from knowing what will happen or where this will lead us. Nobody knows.

The stats and analytics are developing with furious speed. Some of the recent numbers and figures from the last summer are already outdated. Still the mind boggling stats are worth of studying. Here for example.

As online video grows even faster and continues to transform the way we see and use moving image, we’ve sure had lots of things to do. We’ve been studying the change and we will continue to do so. Our mission still is to push the limits of video and discover something new every day. We are here for two things: to understand the change and getting the most out of it. Now we will work even harder. With a bigger and more experienced team. But still we are far from knowing where this will lead us.

Idealist Group and KLOK have joined forces to redefine the traditional boundaries of video. The new and internationally acknowledged team shares the passion to be part of the revolution, where channels and continuosity will take over.

Internet will reshape the ways we see television, movies and other video. In the future discoverability will become even more important, maybe more important than broadcasting volume. We have an active team who will play part in this evolution. Team that will keep exploring the new possibilities and strive to find the benefits.